Big Omega

 23rd November, 2020 |   4min read

A bash script with Node.JS

Create a bash script with JS to create .prettierrc file with necessary configurations

 11th February, 2020 |   4min read

Promises in JavaScript

Promise is an awesome feature that exists on JavaScript. This blog covers how promises can be implemented on our applications

 4th September, 2019 |   3min read


This blog explains what recursion is with an example on javascript

 25th May, 2019 |   4min read

Using the useState hook

In this blog, I talk about creating statefull functional components with hooks.

 10th May, 2019 |   3min read

Why did I create this website?

In this blog, I talk about why & how I created this website and how do I plan to take it further.

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