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Why did I create this website?

10th May, 2019 3min read

If you know me well, you probably already know that I write blogs quite often. Most of the times the blogs I write are technical blogs, other contents I write are rare and occassional. Inspired by Dan Abramov, I wanted to create a personal blog website like he has. That is the primary motivation for creating this website.

Reasons to create this website

At the start of 2019, I promised that I would write at least 52 blogs in the year 2019 through my blog on medium. To fulfill my commitment, I decided to create this website where I will write all of those blogs.

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At the start of 2018, I had written a blog about the reasons to learn JavaScript in the upcoming days. You can read the blog here. That blog now has over one thousand views. That also motivated me to create a platform of my own.

Things that I have been learning are so random that I have lost track of what I have learnt and what I know. So this is also going to be the platform where I will express and share what I have learnt so that it is going to be easier for me to track my progress over time.

What will I share through this platform?

I have been writing technical blogs mostly. I will not stop doing that and I will continue sharing what I know through this platform. This is also a personal blog so I also plan about writing about my personal life through this platform.

My next targets for the website

There are few targets that I want to meet for the website. They are

  • Provide quality content on a frequent basis
  • Add analytics feature in the site
  • Add PWA functionalities in the website
  • Subscribe to news letter

A dedicated section for the ones who want to know how I created this website

This section is going to be a little bit technical so you are free to skip this content if you don't feel like reading it. This section has a purpose though. I have found people telling me how did you create the website, what tools did you use and so on. This section is for those people.

Gatsby JS

Gatsby is a framework built on top of react which helps to create static websites. If you know react, it is pretty easy to learn. I followed Andrew Mead's tutorial titled The Great Gatsby Bootcamp to learn this amazing tool.

Which CSS Library?

I always say that I am a terrible designer and I hate to design and write CSS. So I guess it is going to be a kind of surprise to you if I say I have used no library/a framework to design the UI of this website. The only library I have used is called prism js for code highlighting and except that, everything is written from scratch by me.

React JS

React JS is a JavaScript library created by facebook to create User Interfaces. It is a great tool. I love using it and it has made me a better JavaScript Programmer.

A lot of Gatsby Plugins

Gatsby JS has a lot of official plugins. I have used a lot of them in this website. You can check them out in their official documentation. The notable ones that I have used are 'gatsby-transformer-remark', 'gatsby-source-filesystem', 'gatsby-remark-prismjs' etc.

Contribution on this website

This website is an open source project so, you can always make changes you feel like necessary and make a pull request to me. You are also free to use the code if you like it. Click here to visit repository for this website.

Interested in the contents I share on the website?

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